worksheets : adjectives

worksheets : adjectives

These worksheets are made with the same images of flashcards. All of them are in black and white. For very young students. Vocabulary worksheets.
If you don’t know how to use them, please feel free to ask me.

adjectives 01

These are all PDF-files.
I use 2 fonts : "Print Clearly" and "Print Dashed" in my worksheets. You may need these fonts to see my worksheets right way. Please visit  Blue Vinyl Fonts  to download them if you need.
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  1. Syed Nabeel Ahsan says:

    اسلام علیکم
    Hi Stella, I’m an Urdu teacher and I love your flashcards. I’m real short on resources for teaching Urdu as it is not a commonly taught language. Not sure if you heard of Urdu before, it’s the mother tongue of Pakistan.
    I was hoping you could kindly allow me to convert the flashcards to Urdu. Promise I’ll add your name at the bottom with the copyrights. I just need the cards for Urdu students.

    Your fan,

    • kanako says:

      Hello Nabeel,
      I’m really glad you like my flashcards! I haven’t heard of Urdu before. The first line in your message is written in Urdu? It seems difficult but interesting. Please feel free to convert my flashcards to Urdu. Thank you for using them. I’ll be happy if these flashcards are useful for you and your students.