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I teach English in Japan and I like drawing. I’ve made flashcards for my lessons since I started teaching. I launched this site to share these materials with other teachers.
Because I am Japanese, the images of flashcards are based on Japanese things and people.
If you want me to add some words, please tell me. I welcome your ideas. 

Here are the pages:

added 4 flashcards : countries 02
new flashcards page : body parts 03
There are more than 40 themes at this time. I’m adding new cards to them little by little. You can save flashcards as a set in a PDF format. Now, I’m uploading sets of flashcards without words.
These worksheets are made with the same images of flashcards. All of them are in black and white. For very young students. Vocabulary worksheets.
These are cards or sheets for fun: matching game cards, playing dress-up sheets…
If you need to let me know something, please contact me from this page.
If you have any questions, request, advice, and find something wrong, please let me know.
Or just tell me if you like my materials.That will encourage me so much!
Please leave your message on any pages you like or send me your message from contact page.
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