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in progress : verbs & objects

sketch for verbs and objects

New flashcards theme : verbs and objects is in progress.
I got request : “ride a bike” and “ride a horse”. So I decided to make a new page : verbs and objects.

If you think up any other word to be added to this theme, please let me know!

Would you like to share?


  1. Halle Ravi says:

    Awesome work
    Thanks for all flashcards
    These flashcards will very helpful for my students

  2. Elisabeth says:

    It’s pretty amazing you are allowing us to download your flashcards for free! I feel very grateful!!! You are really talented!
    You asked for more suggestions for “verbs and objects”. I teach English in preschool and like to have the kids do things with objects, such as fetch…, bring me… give me…, give … to a friend/boy/girl, put… (in/on/under/near), touch…, hold up…, catch…, throw…, find… (something yellow, big, …), touch … with (1~5 fingers, elbow, knee, foot, ear, hair, …), jump on/over, put (1 hand, 2 hands, …) on the…, take, hold, throw the ball on the…, sit down on…, hide…

  3. Michelle Webber says:

    Love your flashcards and other activities.
    Could you may be add climbing, such as climbing a ladder, climbing a wall, climbing the stairs, climbing a tree, climbing the climbing frame?
    Also there are lots of verbs associated with with balls so maybe you could do throwing a ball, catching a ball, rolling ball, bouncing a ball, skimming a ball?

  4. Isabel Berrios says:

    Thank you for letting me download your flashcards. Your drawings are impressive.

  5. Nev Parkes says:

    Hi. Thank you very much for your kindness, generosity and skill in providing such excellent flashcards. I’m an Australian volunteer teacher of Absolute Beginners of English and I find your ‘verbs flashcards’ are a great help to my students.
    A few suggestions for verbs are… sew knit ski rub sneeze
    A few suggestions for ‘verbs and objects’ are… bounce a ball pat a dog swing on a rope skate on ice (or on roller skates) touch an insect smell a flower
    Best wishes , Nev.