flashcards : pronouns

flashcards : pronouns


set of flashcards : pronouns.pdf

words : first-person singular / second person singular / first-person plural / third person singular (male) / third person singular (female) / third person plural

words : this / that / these / those

I my me mineyou your yourswe oue us oursshe her hershe his himthey their them theirs

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  1. alexandra says:

    kanako I can’t express in words my delight and gratitude! thank you! your drawings are awsome! i’ve been struggling so long to find flashcards for teenagers: you nailed it with your style! smashing! love’em! alexandra 🙂 xx

    • kanako says:

      Hello Alexandra!
      I’m really glad you like my flashcards! I hope your students like them, too! Thank you for the message.