flashcards : prepositions

flashcards : prepositions


set of flashcards : prepositions.pdf

words : above / below / across (opposite) / behind / between / by (near) / in / in front of / next to / on / under

preposition abovepreposition belowpreposition across oppositebehindbetweenby / nearinin front ofnext toonunder

black and white pictures @ gumroad

If you think up any words to be added to this theme, please let me know.

These are PDF-files.
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  1. Mike says:

    These are great! A couple other words that could be useful:

    above / below (maybe on the same cards as on and under? Like the by / near card?)
    opposite / across from (maybe two cats on opposite sides of a table or something?)

    Love all your work Kanako, keep it up!

    • kanako says:

      Thank you for the ideas, Mike! I really appreciate it! I’m sure I’ll add those new flashcards as soon as possible. Thank you!

  2. Madina says:

    Hello! Thanks a lot for the flash cards – they are great! But could you please add some classroom actions like “Look at the board”, “Circle the right letter”, “Work in pairs”, “Answer the question”, “Do exercise a”.

    Thank you!!

    • kanako says:

      Thank you for telling me the idea. I’ll try to draw them if I think up how to draw. Thank you!

  3. Shaina says:

    Dear Kanako,

    Thank you very much for these picture cards. They are going to be so helpful. I’m so thankful for you!


    Your site is what I was looking for this period!!!! More than excellent work!!