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flashcards : countries 01

countries 01

set of flashcards : countries.pdf

words : Australia / Brazil / Canada / China / Egypt / France / India / Italy / Japan / Laos / Malaysia / Myanmar / Thailand / the United Kingdom / the United States

! traced drawing

MyanmarLaosThailandMalaysiaAustraliaBrazilCanadaChinaEgyptFranceIndiaItalyJapanUnited KingdomUnied States

If you think up any words to be added to this theme, please let me know.

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  1. Maan says:

    Can you add the ‘Philippines’? Thank you.

  2. Syed Nabeel Ahsan says:

    could you please please add Pakistan?
    You can see Faisal Mosque or Minar e Pakistan.
    Love your work

  3. Jazmine says:

    Hello! May I request the South Korea?
    Thank you Stella ELM.^^

  4. Stephen says:

    If possible please add South Africa/ Great site, thank you

  5. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the reply , among others for South Africa : Table Mountain , The Big 5 , Kruger National Park, Cape Town Waterfront, The Cape Of Good Hope.

    • kanako says:

      Thank you for telling me. I’ll try to find a good photo to trace and make South Africa flashcard. Thank you!

  6. Munu says:

    could you please add Nepal, A small beautiful country with exclusive flag shape among others. You can add Mount Everest, boudhanath, chitwan national park.

    • kanako says:

      Thank you for the idea. I’ll try to find a good photo and make a Nepal flashcard. Thank you!

  7. Ronnie says:

    Your cards are wonderful !

    Would it be possible to add Romania (perhaps with Peles Castle) for some pupils new to the uk ?

  8. Davia says:

    Please add Jamaica

  9. Saidatul says:

    Could you please add Scotland. Thank you

  10. Neels says:

    Great country cards, thank you! (Although, I would have preferred to see Table Mountain on the card for South Africa, as it is – in my humble opinion – much more widely known and associated with South Africa, than the Voortrekker Monument, and doesn’t have the same political connotations).
    Could you also add Vietnam, please? Some famous landmarks include (I recommend using one of the top 5 on my list):
    Sa Pa Rice field terraces
    Dragon Bridge (Cầu Rồng) in Da Nang
    Cu Chi (Củ Chi) Tunnels
    My Son (Mỹ Sơn) Sanctuary
    Hoi An Ancient Town + Japanese bridge
    Mekong Delta
    Ha Long Bay
    Hue Royal Palace in Huế Imperial City and Ngo Mon gate leading into Hue Imperial City
    Train Street in Hanoi (Hà Nội)
    Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng) in Bà Nà Hills

  11. charlene says:

    can you add “portugal” &”Turkey” please!

  12. Saliff says:

    could you please add Mali? (in west africa),